• Patanjali Medohar vati, 50gm
This is the best drug for reducing obesity. It removes disorders that arise in the digestive system. In addition to that it reduces the increased body fat, and keeps it in beautifuls hape, Tejas and impeccable form. This rectifi es the thyroid deformities and particularly benefi cial in rheumatism, joint pains, pains in the hips and knees. This medicine digests fats in the stomach and body fats and strengthens bone marrow and semen. It transforms the fats into energy and make the body strong and beautiful. There would be no side effects in taking this drug. Dosage and method of usage: 1-1 or 2-2 tablets in the morning - evening after having breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water or triphala decoction.  

Patanjali Medohar vati, 50gm

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