• Kailas Jeevan, 30g

Kailas Jeevan is the only cream available in the market that can be taken internally as well as externally. Kailas Jeevan is the most effective remedy on excess body heat and Pitta.

If Taken Internally Kailas Jeevan Cream acts as a peptic and allays the burning sensation in eyes, fore-head, palms and soles.

Kailas Jeevan is Effective on:

  • Burning sensation in eyes
    Put a layer of Kailas Jeevan Cream on eyelids. Cover with cotton. It will give relief to tired eyes & bring sound sleep

  • Cracked heels
    Apply Kailas Jeevan Cream twice daily to affected area. Don't rub. KJ Cream gets easily absorbed. Skin will turn clean & smooth.

  • Pimples
    Apply Kailas Jeevan Cream gently on the face. Don't rub. It will get absorbed in to the skin. You will get relief.

  • Piles, Fistula
    Take a teaspoonful of Kailas Jeevan Cream with equal amount of ground sugar before bed time. Apply to the affected area 2/3 times a day, brings relief from piles.

  • Wounds & cuts
    Apply immediately Kailas Jeevan Cream on affected area. Stops bleeding. Helps in healing of wounds or cuts and getting relief from shooting pains.

  • Burns
    Apply Kailas Jeevan Cream gently on burns. Produces cooling effect immediately. Continuous use even after healing the burns, leaves no marks.

Kailas Jeevan, 30g

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