• Patanjali Barley dalia, 500gm
Suggested Use: As a healthy breakfast or evening snack. Directions for use: Boil once bowl 50 gm Patanjali Barley Dalia in 400 ml water. Add cut seasonal vegetables to get wholesome nutrition and add salt to taste. Sweet recipe can also be prepared. Nutritional information: per 100 gm approx. Energy â€" 345.52 Kcal, Protein â€" 8.7 gm, Carbohydrate â€" 75.88 gm, Sugar â€" 0 gm, Total Fat â€" 0.80 gm, Saturated fat â€" 0.17 gm, MUFA â€" 0.11 gm, PUFA â€" 0.52 gm, Trans Fat â€" 0 gm, Cholesterol â€" 0 mg, Dietary Fibre â€" 15.80 gm, Sodium â€" 71.31 mg, Calcium â€" 80.41 mg, Iron â€" 3.1 mg, Vitamin A â€" 0 mg, Vitamin C â€" 2.90 mg.  

Patanjali Barley dalia, 500gm

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