• Patanjali Divya peya, 100gm
It is not a sensual arouser but very tasteful ayurvedic drink, a good substitute to tea. Its use develops immune system. Cough and other such diseases maintain distance and if any disease , by chance affects the body, it is readily treated. Its use gives peace and power to the brain and enhances body power. The drink also controls cholesterol and thus saves from heart ailments. Divya peya also strengthens liver. The tea contains tenin, which slows the process of formation of digestive juice in the stomach as the chemical shrinks glands preparing it. Thus, accept Divya peya in place of the regular tea. Quantity and use â€" Take one tea spoon-full of this decoction and boil as we do with tea leaves, add sugar and milk according to the need.  

Patanjali Divya peya, 100gm

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